Learn To Surf Video Tutorials

Are you new to surfing?  Just getting back into surfing after a break?

Then this 4 part series of brief tutorial videos may be just what you need.  Join Ron Jon Team Rider Lauren McLean as she shows you the basics.

Episode 1 - Board Parts

In part one of the Learn to Surf video for beginners, Ron Jon Team Rider, Lauren McLean, explains the parts of a surfboard and gives some tips about applying wax to the board.

Episode 2 - Popping Up and Standing

In episode 2, Lauren demonstrates the proper way for beginners to pop up and stand on a surfboard.

Episode 3 - Hitting the Waves

In episode 3, Lauren shows beginner surfers proper paddling techniques and the best way to handle a wipeout.


Episode 4 - First Board

In this final video in the Learn To Surf series, Ron Jon Team Rider, Lauren McLean, gives beginners tips to buying their first surfboard. Check out the boards and accessories available on-line here.